Verizon offers companies to swap all their phones with iPhone 12 5G models

Verizon offers companies to swap all their phones with iPhone 12 models
Verizon just held a virtual event targeted towards enterprise customers in order to highlight the benefits of its ultra wideband 5G network. But the event was as much about 5G as it was about Apple's iPhone 12 lineup. 5G is the highlight new feature of the new iPhones and the company prides itself with making the smartphones that support the most 5G bands of any phone today. 

To make full use of the 5G capabilities of the new iPhones, Verizon is introducing a new feature called Indoor 5G Ultra Wideband that is meant for factories and other buildings where large data transfers are common and employees can save time by having information exchanged between them at higher rates. Of course, Verizon didn't forget to mention how 5G can also open whole new business possibilities. AR was also mentioned, as it often goes hand-in-hand with 5G and iPhones. 

But more importantly, Verizon announced a new opportunity for enterprise customers to upgrade their company phones en masse. Called 5G Fleet Swap, the service allows for a company to exchange all of its phones, regardless if they're on Verizon or another carrier, and receive brand new iPhone 12 devices with zero upfront cost. Depending on which iPhone 12 models the company chooses, the monthly cost can also be zero, for the iPhone 12 mini, or "low", which is presumably for the iPhone 12 and slightly higher for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models.

5G Fleet Swap can potentially bring thousands of new customers to Verizon and boost iPhone 12 sales in the process. It seems like Apple and Verizon are planning to get the most of their investment in 5G and such a sweet deal is a great way to go about it. The companies that decide to make use of 5G Fleet Swap better not forget to buy a bunch of chargers to go along their new iPhone 12s.

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