About to fly this holiday season? You might be happy to know that your AirPods can do this in-flight

About to fly this holiday season? You might be happy to know that your AirPods can do this in-flight
A TikTok video made by a passenger on a Delta flight shows her pairing her AirPods with the seat back in-flight entertainment center on the jet she was on. This allows users to use their AirPods while viewing a movie or any other programming available. The flight was taking Elise Brulotte to Honolulu from Seattle and she was aboard Delta’s Airbus A321neo which was first put in service by the airline in May 2022.

In first class, the seat backs feature an entertainment center with a 13-inch high-definition touchscreen monitor. The system is reportedly loaded with over 500 movies and television series and the plane itself carries 194 seats with 20 domestic first-class seats, 42 Comfort+ seats, and 132 main cabin seats. Brulotte's TikTok followers responded with some writing about having similar experiences on other airlines. "I had this on a United flight. Changed the game," said one. Another commented, "The new Virgin Airlines had this and I was so happy lol," and another responded, "I just did this on Emirates!"


ABOUT TIME as someone who never bought over the ear neadphones im freaking out. game changer

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If you're old enough (like this writer is) you might recall when airlines started to offer recycled earphones that came in plastic bags. The earphones would be plugged into a port located on the armrest and the passenger could choose from a small selection of audio channels.

The best entertainment idea offered by an airline came when this writer was on a flight and the airline arranged for Maureen McGovern, the artist who sang "The Morning After" in the 1973 disaster film "The Poseidon Adventure" to sing that song live to a backing track while in-flight. I vaguely remember an announcement that the airline was testing this out for future flights.

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While McGovern started to sing the song, the plane experienced some turbulence, and several passengers, remembering "The Poseidon Adventure" audibly gasped and panicked. Needless to say, the airline stopped this experiment pretty quickly. But we digress.

It appears from Brulotte's TikTok video reveals that pairing the AirPods to the entertainment center via Bluetooth is a snap. And while other airlines offer this, you might not have known that this feature has been available to you. Remember to have your AirPods charged up and ready to go the next time you fly just in case the carrier you are taking offers this feature.

Sure, it really isn't a "game changer" but using your own AirPods to listen to in-flight entertainment might make the stressful task of flying a little easier to handle.

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