Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 renders leak

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 renders leak
Back in October, we showed you renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Thanks to the use of a double hinge, the design included one screen divided into three displays. The render also included a slidable QWERTY keyboard. Both additions would be improvements over the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Today, some new Galaxy Z Fold 3 renders were shared by Pigtou and xleaks and they include one model with a dual fold and another with a tri fold. The renders are based on patent applications filed earlier this year by Samsung.

Renders reveal two different Galaxy Z Fold variants

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 dual fold is somewhat similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It has a large display in the middle with two smaller displays on the left and right. The dispplay on the right is dual-sided. The big difference is that it bends from both sides instead of folding in half. Instead of having a hinge in the center, this unit has two hinges on both sides. This keeps the unit in tablet mode even when folded, albeit with a smaller screen and four camera lenses staring right at you. Opening the hinges reveals an even larger tablet-sized display.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 tri fold also has hinges on both sides, but these bend in opposite directions. This design would not only create larger displays when the device is in use, it also would allow for a larger external display. Sammy was criticized for the 4.6-inch large bezeled external screen on the first Fold. The sequel did improve on the design of the external screen and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 appears to offer an even bigger outside display. If the Galaxy Z Fold 3 tri fold does include a sliding keyboard, users will be able to contort the device into a laptop mode which really would be quite useful.

We should point out that Pigtou made some changes to the illustrations on Samsung's patents by adding a punch-hole selfie snapper on the front cover of the dual fold model and also added speakers on the bottom of the two fold-out screens on that model. Frankly, it does make sense for Samsung to add these on the actual device.

Samsung is reportedly taking foldable phones to the masses this year with more affordable variants of its bendy handsets. The problem here is one of balance. Making a foldable phone cheaper will require Samsung to eliminate some of the features and components that make such a device possible in the first place. But this has to be done in a way not to cheapen the experience or make the phone more susceptible to damage.

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After years and years of reporting on foldables (remember the Samsung Galaxy F?), there is no question that they are becoming mainstream devices (although with pricing, not so much yet). The best way to get them into the hands of more people is to get the price down. This is more important than ever considering that we remain in the throes of a pandemic that has really laid to waste the global economy. This has made it harder than ever to afford a $2,000 phone.

The lower priced versions of the foldables will make these phones accessible to more consumers. The Fold turns a phone with a traditionally sized display into a tablet while on the go. The Flip starts out as a small pocketable device and opens up to become a large-screened handset. It should be interesting to see in which direction foldable phone manufacturers take us in the next few years. And there is also the wild card: Apple has yet to throw its foldable hat in the ring.

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