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Twitter testing edge-to-edge photos and videos for a more immersive visual experience

Twitter testing edge-to-edge photos and videos for a more immersive visual experience
Twitter has been working on steadily adding new features to the social media platform in the past few months, and now, TechCrunch reports about a new feature that's undergoing testing right now, and it is edge-to-edge tweets, photos, and videos.

Twitter working on bettering its visuals

The latest test Twitter is currently working on brings a more immersive visual experience with the introduction of edge-to-edge tweets, a feature that's tested only on iOS right now and will expand to Android later on. This improvement in the way photos and videos are displayed on the app is a part of the general direction the company is going: making your Twitter feed a more visually pleasing experience.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced bigger images and more cropping tools to the platform as well, and this change was well received by photographers and photography enthusiasts, meaning to share their content on Twitter.

The test that's ongoing now makes tweets fill the full frame from left to right, instead of having a large margin on the left. This change makes allows for larger videos and photos that look more visually pleasing and modern, instead of being squished to the right of users' profile pics.

This way, Twitter says it wants to encourage its users to have conversations across photos and videos, and not only texting (which was the traditional approach the social media platform had).

In the announcement, Twitter stated the new immersive experience will bring life to your Twitter feed and will make it possible for you to concentrate your focus on your message, video, photo, whatever it is you want to share.

Is Twitter moving in the direction of audio/video experience?

Recently, the social media giant introduced Twitter Spaces, which is a step towards bringing a better audio experience to the users, and it's no surprise that with videos playing a more prominent role in social media interactions (as an example of which we can look at TikTok's success and rising popularity as a video platform), Twitter is also ready to take on that route and bring more photo and video features.

Another fact pointed out by TechRadar is that marketers are partial towards videos for advertisements, so more advertising possibilities could also be playing a role in this change Twitter is currently testing.

Other recent Twitter changes and tested features

The most recent new feature Twitter has launched is the long-tested Super Follows feature and a new Safe Mode, which is meant to protect you against potentially offensive or harmful interactions (that is, if you enable it). Both these features are currently live for a small set of users, primarily in the US, and will be launched globally soon.

The Super Follows feature is, basically, a way to subscribe to a creator and receive exclusive content, something similar to Patreon's pledges. Safe Mode on the other hand uses artificial intelligence to determine potentially harmful messages to you and restrict these users that are sending them. An example of that is someone you haven't been replying to sending repetitive DMs in an aggressive manner, of course, if the feature has been enabled from Settings.

Apart from that, Twitter has been spotted to work on the feature to archive previous tweets, a welcome addition meant to help you get rid of old tweets that you don't like, or just annoy you to be displayed on your profile. The feature will allow you to archive old tweets automatically, so you don't have to worry about those. Once this feature, which is currently in a testing period, gets released, you will be able to set it up for 30, 60, or 90 days. It will archive these old tweets according to your settings.
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