Twitter reportedly working on the feature to archive tweets, and even more social privacy-related settings

Twitter reportedly working on the feature to archive tweets, and even more privacy-related settings
Twitter launched yesterday its feature Super Follows, which has been beta tested and talked about in the last few months, accompanied by another feature called Safety Mode. Now, 9to5Mac reports the company doesn't plan to start there and is working on a couple of new features for Twitter. More specifically, we are talking about the feature to archive Tweets and more social privacy updates.

Twitter is working on Archived Tweets feature, as well as more social privacy options

Reportedly, Twitter is considering several features to improve users' social privacy and give them more control over their Twitter posts and followers' lists. One of the features that are currently being considered is a tool to archive old tweets. This feature will allow users to hide past tweets and could end up being really popular as not everyone likes their posts to existing on the internet forever.

Another feature that Twitter is considering for implementation is the ability to edit follower lists, so you can have more control over who are the people following you.

Svetlana Pimkina, who's a staff researcher from the company, stated that because the social privacy needs of users are not met, this leads to people limiting their self-expression and engaging less on the social media platform. This could also be due to the fact that Twitter users don't understand whether their account is publicly visible or not, and Twitter will be starting to prompt people to review their account status (public account or private account) beginning in September.

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Bloomberg has shared a list of the features Twitter is currently considering implementing to the social media platform. They include the aforementioned archived tweets, the option to remove followers or hiding tweets you've liked, and the possibility to leave conversations.

Tweets that will reportedly be Archived could be posts after 30, 60, and 90 days, or hiding tweets after a full year. However, at the moment, this feature is still in its concept phase, and it doesn't have a precise launch date.

Editing your followers' list will allow you to remove followers; currently, you're only allowed to block people so they stop following you.

Hiding tweets you've liked is also a feature that's pretty self-explanatory. People won't be able to see what you liked, and this feature could be coming soon, according to Bloomberg; however, there is no timeline for the testing period. You will be able to set who can see which tweets you've liked with this feature.

And last but not least comes the possibility to leave conversations. You will be able to remove yourself from a public conversation, and tests for this feature will start before the end of this year.

Twitter already launched Safety Mode, a new feature to reduce disruptive interactions

Currently, the feature is available for a small group of Twitter users on Android, iOS, and desktop, that have English language settings enabled. The Safety Mode feature automatically and temporarily blocks accounts for seven days, in cases such as they are using harmful language or sending repetitive and uninvited replies or mentions to you. The feature needs to be enabled from the Settings.

Those the system determines of using harmful language in their tweets will be automatically blocked and unable to follow your account, see your tweets, or send you Direct Messages.

Alongside the Safety Mode, Twitter finally launched the Super Follows feature that was undergoing testings in recent months. This feature is available for accounts with a minimum of 10,000 followers that are at least 18 years old. Other requirements are to have tweeted 25 times within the last 30 days. Keep in mind that this feature is currently live in the US only. Super Follows allow you to publish paid subscriber-only content on the platform.

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