Twitter's Android app gets patch to fix serious vulnerability

Twitter's Android app gets patch to fix serious vulnerability
Twitter announced yesterday that it patched a vulnerability in the Twitter for Android app that could have allowed a hacker to control a Twitter user's account and send tweets and DMs from it. The vulnerability also could have given a bad actor access to non-public information. Twitter says that it has no evidence that the vulnerability was ever exploited, but just to play it safe it is "taking extra caution."

Users of the social-media app who might have affected are being notified via the Twitter app or by email. Either way, the user will receive instructions to follow that the company says will keep them safe. The instructions received by each affected subscriber depend on the versions of Android and the Twitter app for Android being used. Twitter says that if you're not sure what to do, just install the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store.

Twitter says that it is sorry and will continue working to keep your data secure. If you have some questions, you can ask the company how it protects your personal data by filling out a Data Protection Inquiry Form. The iOS version of the Twitter app did not have a vulnerability which means that iPhone and iPad users will not be receiving any instructions from the firm.


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