T-Mobile launches Secure Wi-Fi mobile app for select customers

T-Mobile launches Secure Wi-Fi mobile app for select customers
T-Mobile already offers free Wi-Fi and streaming to customers who fly with certain companies like American, Alaska, Delta, and more recently United Airlines. To supplement its customers’ needs, T-Mobile announced it has launched the Secure Wi-Fi app for customers who use either iOS or Android devices.

Introduced as part of the Coverage Beyond, T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move, the Secure Wi-Fi mobile app is not going to be available for free, unless you’re one certain T-Mobile plans. As per the carrier’s statement, the Secure Wi-Fi mobile app is free with Business Advanced, Ultimate and Ultimate+ for iPhone plans.

Additionally, the mobile app is free on Android devices with select T-Mobile for Business plans. The rest of T-Mobile customers on other business plans who wish to use the Secure Wi-Fi mobile app will have to pay $1.99/month per user.

The Secure Wi-Fi mobile app is supposed to improve the online experience by using the T-Mobile network to prevent any disruptions and delays when the public Wi-Fi is preforming poorly. It will also improve transitions between the Wi-Fi and the T-Mobile network. The Secure Wi-Fi mobile is available for download for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

For those who don’t know, T-Mobile’s Coverage Beyond is a premium package aimed at business customers who travel a log. The service is valued at nearly $400 and offers free in-flight connection, high-speed data abroad and more.

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