The Apple Store is down ahead of massive iPhone 15 launch

The Apple Store is down ahead of massive iPhone 15 launch
Just like clockwork, the online Apple Store has been deactivated by Apple ahead of its September 12 event that's expected to begin in an hour. The company does this every time it's about to make a change to its product lines.

Needless to say, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max today, alongside the Watch 9, Watch Ultra 2, and a new version of the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C connector. The new products are supposed to go into pre-order this Friday, and then go on sale the next Friday, on September 22.

Usually, when users visit Apple's online store, they are greeted by colorful graphics, videos and enticing copy designed to market all the benefits of Apple's products and show them in their best light.

Now, however, if you're to visit the Apple Store over the next couple hours or so, you'll be greeted by a very mysterious graphic and message:

"Be right back.
We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back soon."

This is all that the Apple Store webpage currently says, meaning that even if you want to purchase a new iPhone or some other Apple product right now, you basically can't. Which is very interesting, if you think about it – the company won't let you buy any of its products before the so-called Wonderlust event is done! In a way, that's kind of cool and goes to show how much emphasis Apple is putting on its product launch events. Oh well, if you're really in that much of a hurry, you could always drop by a nearby brick and mortar store, but you know what? It'd be infinitely wiser to just stay put for the next couple of hours and see what new products Tim Cook and company are going to announce.

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