Telegram drops SIM requirement for sign-ups, adds temporary QR codes

Telegram drops SIM requirement for sign-ups, adds temporary QR codes
Telegram has just pushed out another update that brings significant changes not just to the app, but also to the sign-up process. Up until now, you were required to have a SIM card in order to create a Telegram account. Starting today, this requirement has been removed, thus allowing users to own a Telegram account without a SIM card.

However, you will have to log in using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers available on the Fragment platform. Everything happens within the app, so you won’t have to leave Waze when trying to log in without a SIM card.

The update also introduces some additional tweaks for existing features, like a global auto-delete timer option, which will allow users to set a time to automatically remove messages in all new chats. Although existing chats will not be affected by the new option, Telegram users can expand their auto-delete settings to any of them from the new menu in Settings / Privacy & Security / Auto-Delete Messages.

Telegram has been implementing anti-spam features pretty aggressively since launch, so it’s no surprise that the latest update introduces a new tool for admins of groups with over 200 members, allowing them to turn on the new Aggressive mode for the automated spam filters.

Another important privacy feature added today is temporary QR codes. Those who don’t have a username and are hiding their phone number from everyone can now generate a temporary QR code to allow people to add them as a contact without knowing their phone number.

After bringing emoji search to Android in a previous update, Telegram is making the feature available on iOS too. At the same time, 10 more custom emoji packs have been added, which are only available to Premium users though. Thankfully, a bunch of additional interactive emoji have been added today to be used by everyone as reactions.

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