T-Mobile is improving the 'most popular' Tuesdays deal and adding a new one

T-Mobile is improving the 'most popular' Tuesdays deal and adding a new one
If you're a T-Mobile customer, you brain may have been rewired over the years to send shivers down your spine every Tuesday rather than every Friday or Saturday as most people's brains seem to function. Of course, the "Un-carrier's" loyalty-rewarding Tuesdays program has known better times, but if you've been a little disappointed by some of the latest weekly deals and freebies, you should prepare for at least a small improvement... or two.

That's because new travel and entertainment offers "for summer and beyond" have just been unveiled, and the first of the two main perks is building on what T-Mo is calling its "most popular" Tuesdays deal ever.

We're not talking about a free hat, tote bag, subscription service, or anything like that, but discounted gas. That's definitely not the flashiest type of T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion we can think of, but it's obviously something that everyone needs, especially in this time and age.

Starting today and until the end of the year, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile subscribers get a 15-cent discount per gallon of fuel at over 12,000 Shell stations across the nation up to 20 gallons every week, which may not sound like much but can definitely add up to some pretty substantial savings.

In case you're wondering, this super-popular offer was previously limited to 10 cents off per gallon, although on other occasions, Magenta has been able to provide discounts of as much as 25 cents per gallon for a limited time. As usual, you will need to be a member of the Fuel Rewards program and visit the T-Mobile Tuesdays app once a week for an individual promo code.

Meanwhile, AEG Presents is also joining forces with T-Mo to allow you to save big on your next live music show, with "special deals" coming for "nearly" 5,000 concerts "across 48 venues year-round." We're talking 25 percent off tickets to some of your favorite artists and bands, although for the time being, this particular promotion's dedicated website does not include any specific information on eligible venues and shows. 

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If you're curious to see what this new reward is all about, keep your eyes peeled on both that website and the T-Mobile Tuesdays app over the coming hours, days, weeks, and even months. Yes, the nation's second-largest wireless service provider (by customer figures) is in the loyalty-rewarding game for the long run.

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