T-Mobile ditches the Samsung Galaxy S10+, offers deals on S10 and S10e

T-Mobile ditches the Samsung Galaxy S10+, offers deals on S10 and S10e
While the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are identical phones from many points of view, the latter is the one to get if you need a larger screen (6.4 inches versus 6.1 inches) and longer battery life. Of course, the S10+ is more expensive than the S10, but plenty of people will gladly pay extra for the two advantages mentioned above, and maybe for the dual front-facing camera of the S10+, too.

Since their release in early 2019, together with the smaller and cheaper Galaxy S10e, the S10 and S10+ have been easy to find at all four majors US carriers. But that's no longer the case with the Galaxy S10+ (pictured above), as the handset has vanished from T-Mobile's website.

Fortunately, T-Mobile is still selling the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, allowing customers to save $150 on either of them (no strings attached and no trade-in required). To be precise, the magenta carrier lets you buy the Galaxy S10e for $599.99 instead of $749.99, and the Galaxy S10 for $749.99 instead of $899.99. 

See the Galaxy S10 and S10e HERE at T-Mobile

If you absolutely need to purchase a T-Mobile Galaxy S10+, you can still find the phone on Samsung's website. However, Samsung is currently offering this handset at its original launch price of $999.99. The only way to save some money on the T-Mobile S10+ is by trading in an old phone, but we can't really call that a deal.

We've asked T-Mobile about the quiet disappearance of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ from its website and will update this article when/if we receive an answer.

Buying a Galaxy S10 might not be a good idea right now

Unless you can find a nice deal (as it's the case with T-Mobile's S10 and S10e), at this moment, we don't recommend buying any member of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. That's because Samsung will announce a brand new Galaxy S20 smartphone family on February 11 - in less than one month from today.

Like the S10 series, the S20 line-up should be comprised of at least three distinct devices, including a Galaxy S20, a Galaxy S20+, and a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will bring new and more powerful processors (Snapdragon 865 in the US), improved cameras, 12 GB of RAM (regardless of model), larger batteries, slightly bigger screens, and enhanced designs.

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