T-Mobile's 'next big 5G-powered move' will go official on March 4: here's how to watch the event - PhoneArena

T-Mobile's 'next big 5G-powered move' will go official on March 4: here's how to watch the event

T-Mobile's 'next big 5G-powered move' will go official on March 4: here's how to watch the event
T-Mobile doesn't get bad press very often, but when it does, the second-largest US wireless service provider is sure to announce a big event out of nowhere aimed at changing the media narrative and attract even more new customers, as well as convince existing ones to stick around in an ongoing attempt to catch up with Verizon's industry-leading numbers.

Obviously, Magenta's mysterious impending announcement may have nothing to do with recent revelations regarding the company's post-Sprint merger job cuts, but in a way, we actually hope that's the reason why we're only finding out today about a 5G-themed shindig scheduled for 8:30am PT (11:30am ET) on March 4.

That's this Thursday, and the sole other possible explanation for T-Mo's delay in building buzz ahead of its "next big 5G-powered move" is that said "move" might not be as exciting or as groundbreaking as it sounds. Needless to say that's definitely not what we're rooting for here, although we'd be lying if we told you we had any idea exactly what to expect to go down less than 48 hours from the time of this writing.

Even by its own secretive standards building up to "Un-carrier" events, T-Mobile is being unusually cryptic, merely teasing the presence of a "couple very special guests" in addition to CEO Mike Sievert and other executives at the online-only ceremony set to be live-streamed here. The webcast link features a countdown clock and the "unconventional" label, although we can't say the latter "hint" gives much away as far as what could be in the pipeline.

Of course, we (and a number of Redditors) have some theories, most of which are fueled by T-Mo's previous announcements and 2021 teasers. A few months back, for instance, the "Un-carrier" highlighted two big goals for this year, confirming it was cooking up Voice over 5G and 5G carrier aggregation breakthroughs. 

The latter technology in particular should be of great interest to speed junkies across the nation, as it's pretty much guaranteed to improve the operator's already solid mid-band 5G download numbers. Said mid-band signal is widely expected to continue expanding at a rapid pace this year too, which is another possible topic of discussion for Thursday. 

At the same time, Magenta could be looking to unveil much needed improvements of some sort for one or both of its other 5G network components. We're talking about the low-band layer, which is still not considerably speedier than a good old fashioned 4G LTE signal, and the blazing fast mmWave layer, which is nowhere near as widespread as Verizon's similar technology (dubbed 5G Ultra Wideband).

Unfortunately, there's little else to do but wait for this "big 5G-powered move" to go official. On the bright side, said wait will be over in no time.

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