T-Mobile's latest free line offer is... actually available for a lot of folks after all

T-Mobile's latest free line offer is... actually available for a lot of folks after all
UPDATE: Right on schedule, the leaked "2023 Line on Us P6" offer has gone live on Thursday, March 9, and although its official terms and conditions seem to be just as restrictive as anticipated, far more T-Mobile customers than expected are once again able to get a free line of wireless service.

While in theory no users with any free voice lines should be eligible for this killer new deal, a bunch of folks currently holding one, two, or even six (!!!) lines at no monthly cost are confirming T-Mo has already honored the promotion. If you're on a Magenta Max plan therefore, you might want to check your online account for some "unusual" promotional activity or ask customer support for a free line whether or not you think you meet T-Mo's eligibility criteria.

At worst, you'll waste a few minutes and have your request denied. At best, you'll get another free voice line. It doesn't really sound like you have much to lose to us, so we say go for it! Our original post follows below.


What's the absolute best deal you can get as a T-Mobile subscriber? A free iPhone... with a bunch of strings attached? Gratis access to all the soccer and baseball games you can watch on your phone while pretending to work? Discounted fast food meals every other Tuesday or so?

How about a completely free line of wireless service with pretty much no special requirements or big exclusions? That sounds like the dream, but while the "Un-carrier" has made it possible for millions of customers in the past a number of different times, the latest such promotion is nowhere near as straightforward and as easy to claim as you might desire.

Made public by the folks over at The Mobile Report (who else?) ahead of actually going live, this is apparently set to offer a "special free line" to a very small subset of "select" T-Mobile customers starting tomorrow, March 9.

We're talking specifically about existing Magenta Max users with no free lines on their accounts at the time of enrollment in this "2023 Line on Us P6" campaign. Furthermore, you will need to be "preselected" to take advantage of the new deal and have "2 or more paid voice lines" on the costly Magenta Max plan.

That obviously excludes single line account holders, as well as a lot of people who signed up for all-inclusive Magenta Max service with two lines and got a third one free as part of a T-Mobile deal that's become a routine thing in the last few years.

Of course, there is always a chance that these conditions being stipulated in a leaked internal document will get changed before the promo goes official. T-Mo has even been known to occasionally break such rules in the past when reaching out to "preselected" customers or when seemingly ineligible users explicitly asked for free stuff of their own. 

For the time being, however, it really doesn't look like very many people will be able to score a free voice line in the near future, which is bound to massively annoy a lot of otherwise devoted T-Mobile subscribers. 

Oh, and perhaps the worst thing about this deal is that it apparently cannot be combined with any other offers, be them for phones, taxes, or fees. So, yeah, you will also have to cough up a $35 activation fee for your "free" line... if you can qualify for it in the first place.

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