T-Mobile claims another 5G speed record... that you can't touch out in the real world

T-Mobile claims another 5G speed record... that you can't touch out in the real world
There aren't a lot of certainties in life, but if a couple of months go by without some sort of a new 5G breakthrough or record announced by T-Mobile, you might want to pinch yourself and make sure you haven't slipped into a coma or gone to "The Good Place."

The latest such achievement is a "record-breaking uplink speed of 345 Mbps", which sounds like an unbelievably high number because it is in fact hard to believe any regular smartphone user will be able to hit it anytime soon.

The only way the nation-leading "Un-carrier" could reach that speed score in the first place was by using a "mobile test smartphone powered by a flagship Snapdragon Modem-RF System from Qualcomm", as well as "equipment from Nokia's cutting-edge next-generation AirScale portfolio."

That's a long and annoyingly convoluted way of saying you can't buy that phone with that "equipment" anywhere and squeeze 300 Mbps+ upload speeds out of it in any real-life scenario, at least for now.

T-Mo actually goes on (and on and on) in listing all the technologies that made this feat possible, and while some of them have already been deployed to the masses, said masses can't realistically hope for all the stars to align in such a way that 300, 200, or even 100 Mbps becomes achievable (as far as uploads are concerned).

Still, it's definitely good that Magenta is constantly trying to find new and innovative methods of leveraging its widely documented advantages in the 5G field over all the competition to the (eventual) benefit of everyday subscribers.

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For now, most independent evaluations of the nationwide mobile network experience put T-Mobile's 5G upload speeds at an average of anywhere between 12 and 20 Mbps, which is obviously a far cry from 345 Mbps, thus leaving plenty of room for improvements like the one (theoretically) achieved recently. 

The second-largest wireless service provider in the US in terms of subscriber counts is even humble enough to admit that most of its "massive" 5G performance gains of the last few years have been focused on download speeds as the "industry has only begun scratching the surface when it comes to uploads." 

Clearly, T-Mobile is becoming serious about said "surface", which sounds like great news for YouTubers and video content creators in general.

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