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T-Mobile's new '5G UC' icon won't be iPhone 13 exclusive

T-Mobile's new '5G UC' icon won't be iPhone 13 exclusive
If you can't flaunt a 5G icon on your phone's screen, are you really connected? AT&T knows all too well the answer to that question, as it has been showing a faux 5G E icon to mark its enhanced 4G LTE network since the beginning of the 5G craze even though it was forced to settle a 5G Evolution icon lawsuit for misleading practices.

T-Mobile, however, is bent on showing off its newfangled 5G network stardom, as it's the carrier with both the widest 5G coverage and the fastest 5G network so far. To announce this to the world, it will be putting a new 5G UC icon on your handset, starting with the iPhone 13 series.

The 5G UC mark will denote that you are in an area covered by by its Ultra Capacity 5G network that doesn't run on the low-bands that its regular 600MHz 5G network does. The low-bands are great when it comes to reach and penetration, so that T-Mobile can bask in 5G coverage glory, but the speeds are commensurate with a 4G LTE network.

The ever-expanding 5G Ultra Capacity network that T-Mobile built with the help of Sprint's mid-band spectrum licenses, is another story altogether, and the main culprit behind T-Mobile's recent 5G service awards

That is why T-Mobile is both including Ultra Capacity in its 5G coverage maps now, and intending to show when you are anointed with its presence right on your iPhone 13 display. 

T-Mobile's help desk also says that the 5G UC icon will be available on the iPhone 12 series at some point, too, and it is working with as many other phone makers, supposedly from the Android camp, to bring it to their phones as well.

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