SuperEQ headphones: affordable active noise-cancelation and fresh style

SuperEQ headphones: affordable active noise-cancelation and fresh style
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Bluetooth earphones — they are all the rage now. For one, it's convenient... secondly, phone manufacturers don't give us much choice as they are decisively removing the headphone jack from more and more smartphone models.

So, if you are in the market for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, you might want to check out OneOdio's sub-brand SuperEQ. Not only are they fresh-looking and affordable, but they also come with active noise cancelation on board. Interested? Here are three models worth checking out:

SuperEQ S1 over-ear headphones

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The S1 model is SuperEQ's flagship — they are entirely over-ear, their cups are made of soft memory material, and the headphones themselves are light an non-intrusive. This model also comes with transparency mode, so — when needed — you can listen to the outside world with just a press of a button. The built-in voice microphone makes it easy to take calls directly on your earphones, too.

The noise cancelation is achieved with state-of-the-art technologies — with two feed-forward and two feedback microphones the SuperEQ S1 can reduce ambient noise with up to 33 dB. The headphones focus specifically on the low and mid frequencies to get rid of the burdensome droning of car engines and airplane cabin hum.

The SuperEQ S1 comes in two colors — black and white — both of which have aggressive and stylish red accents all around. The headband has folding hinges for compact storage and the headphones come with a leather carry bag. Inside the box, you can also find an airplane adapter and a 3.5 mm headphone cable — you can use these as traditional headphones if you hook them up via wire.

In terms of battery, the S1 has tested to last up to 45 hours on a single charge, at the comfortable volume level of 60%.

SuperEQ S2 on-ear headphones

The SuperEQ S2 are fun, colorful, and playful with their three available color options — green, black, and blue. They also support Bluetooth multipoint and connect to two devices at the same time. Just like the S1, the S2 has active noise cancelation to block out the outside world and let you enjoy your music. They are soft and light and the headband folds for compact storage.

The SuperEQ S2 come with a 3.5 mm cable, airplane adapter, and its own leather carry bag. They last about 25 hours on a single charge.

SuperEQ S8 on-ear headphones

The SuperEQ S8 are the most bare-bones of the models, but they still offer active noise cancelation. They have a folding headband and the cups rotate freely to ensure an on-ear fit on all types of heads. The S8 provide 12 hours of music + ANC on and also come with their set of airplane adapter, headphone cable, and leather carry bag.

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