Samsung Galaxy S20 5G first to benefit from T-Mobile's merger with Sprint

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Just as T-Mobile's Chief Technical Officer Neville Ray promised three weeks ago when the merger with Sprint was announced as a done deal, the network synergy will soon be paying off. At the time, he mentioned that the "New T-Mobile is already deploying midband 5G spectrum in Philly," and today this effort will start bearing fruit for the end subscriber as well.

Said mid-band spectrum had been a Sprint holding that the new T-Mobile is now capitalizing on to add to its "nationwide" low-band 5G efforts. As promised, parts of downtown Philadelphia are anointed first to benefit from Sprint's 2.5GHz frequency holding on the new T-Mobile network. 

Soon, however, the mid-band train will be moving to New York City, making it the first in the nation to be covered by all three 5G frequency bands, says T-Mobile:

  • T-Mobile is already lighting up broad and deep 5G, with 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum now live in parts of Philadelphia and coming soon to parts of New York City. Mid-band spectrum adds critical depth and additional speed to T-Mobile’s broad 5G network. Customers in New York will be the first to have access to low-band, mid-band and mmWave 5G.
  • The Un-carrier is expanding its nationwide 5G footprint, lighting up 5G in Detroit, St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio.
  • Sprint customers with the Samsung Galaxy S 20 5G will get nationwide 5G, tapping into T-Mobile’s 5G network in more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country, starting later this month.
  • Millions of Sprint customers can now roam on the T-Mobile LTE network. Sprint customers now have access to more than double the number of LTE sites than on Sprint’s network alone, so in areas where Sprint doesn’t have LTE, T-Mobile has them covered.

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S20 to access T-Mobile's 5G network

If you have been wondering if the phone you've got, or which phone you can get, will be able to take advantage of the new T-Mobile network's synergy with Sprint, the carriers now have the answer.

It looks like Sprint's model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is the anointed one that will be given access not only to Sprint's but also T-Mobile's 5G coverage map. Sprint's 5G is deployed on its existing 4G cell sites, overlapping both the fast 2.5 GHz LTE and 5G NR coverage.

Thus, Galaxy S20 5G users will have 5G access not only in the nine cities with 20 million people total covered by Sprint's 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum, but also to T-Mobile's 200 million folks in 5000 cities that can enjoy the 5G goods, adds the Un-carrier:

Long story short, it's barely been three weeks since the merger completion was announced, and Sprint customers are already able to enjoy the positive consequences of the deal, especially of they are rocking Samsung's cheapest member of the Galaxy S20 family.

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