Spotify releases its Car Thing streaming device for everyone in the U.S.

Spotify releases its Car Thing streaming device for everyone in the U.S.
Back in April last year, Spotify came out with its first hardware product called the Car Thing—an audio streaming device designed to make using the app easier while driving. Initially, you could get it for free but only through a special invite from the company. Later, you had to get on a waitlist and buy it yourself.

Well, now Spotify has officially announced that the Car Thing is widely available across the U.S., and anyone can get it for as much as $90. In the box, you get the Cart Thing itself, mounting gear, a charging cable, and a 12V adapter. To use the device, however, you need a Spotify Premium subscription first.

What does Spotify’s Car Thing do?

You can think of Spotify’s Car Thing as a glorified remote control for the app, that has a touch screen and speech recognition. The device itself does not feature a speaker, nor does it have any data connection. It simply functions as an intermediary between your phone and your car’s speakers, and it does that either via Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

With its Car Thing, Spotify is aiming to make your audio streaming experience more convenient and enjoyable. Its biggest selling point is the multitude of choices you have for controlling it: physical buttons, including a big turning knob, a decently sized and responsive touch screen, and most importantly, voice commands.

But wait, don’t we already have our phones and phone holders which, when combined, provide the same and much more in functionality? Well, you see, Spotify claims that it is better to have your audio controls separate from your phone—” Let your phone do phone stuff. Car Thing has one job and does it awesomely.”

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What is your stand on this topic? Do you see yourself getting a dedicated audio device such as this for your car? Feel free to share in the comments.

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