Snapchat adds a new tab 'My Places' with restaurant recommendations to the Snap Map

Snapchat is adding a new tab with 'My Places' with restaurant recommendations to its built-in Snap M
Snapchat is now introducing a new feature to its platform, making finding restaurants and places to visit easier for its users. Snapchat is now rolling out its My Places feature to the Snap Map, reports TechCrunch. There, users can save their favorite places, share them with friends, and find recommendations.

Snapchat now adds My Places feature to the built-in Snap Map app

The My Places tab has three categories: Visited, Favorites, and Popular. In the first category, you will see the places you have checked in from Snapchat, and in the Favorites tab, quite self-explanatory, you will see your favorite places.

The third tab, Popular, is the most interesting out of the three. Actually, this will be the first time Snapchat uses an algorithm to provide you with a personalized recommendation and to help you engage with the world around you. The algorithm takes into account your favorites, what you've tagged recently, and where your friends and other Snapchat users have visited.

The difference between the Snap Map and Google Maps or Apple Maps is that the Snap map is more socially oriented. It can give you a recommendation for a place your friends visited, something Google Maps or other map services don't currently do. However, it cannot give you directions to addresses.

The Snap Map currently has over 250 million monthly active users. Snapchat has collaborated with Ticketmaster and The Infatuation, a website for restaurant recommendations, and this way it can recommend you places with live entertainment, or just good restaurants nearby.

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