Samsung launches the Galaxy SmartTag+ — super-accurate item tracker

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Samsung launches the Galaxy SmartTag+ — super-accurate item tracker
Earlier this year, Samsung launched its extremely useful Galaxy SmartTag tracker — a little puck that you can attach to anything to make sure you can always find it if misplaced.

The SmartTag tracker piggybacks on the signal of any connected Samsung devices in its vicinity to relay exact information about your position. So, if you were to drop your keys with a SmartTag on them somewhere on the street, chances are high that you can find exactly where they are. Check out our hands-on with the SmartTag for a full explanation on how that works.

Now, Samsung announces the launch of SmartTag+ — come the 16th of April, you will be able to buy the more accurate tracking puck, which makes full use of the UWB technology in your top-tier Samsung phone to guide you straight to your lost item.

What is the difference between SmartTag and SmartTag+?

Both tags work on the same principle — they ping Samsung devices in their vicinity and you get updates on your Samsung account about where they are. Now, with the regular SmartTag, you need to go to that place and then follow the strength of the Bluetooth signal to actually find it.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ also uses Bluetooth LE, just like the regular model, and has a detection range of up to 120 meters. But it also adds ultra-wideband (UWB) support. UWB can pinpoint devices very accurately within space, meaning that you can use your phone’s camera and see, through Augmented Reality, where your item is in real time.

Which Samsung phones have UWB?

Currently, UWB is available on top-tier phones, starting from the Galaxy Note 20 and up. Meaning:

How to use Galaxy SmartTag+?

You can only use a Galaxy SmartTag with a Samsung phone. You will need to open the Galaxy SmartThings app — this is where you will find the SmartTag options and the AR tracker if you have a SmartTag+.

Both the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ have a big button on the middle of the puck. You can use this to instantly ping your phone, in case you can’t find where it’s laying. Additionally, that button can be held for a custom function — including controlling any Samsung smart home item in your house. Like set the lights on as you approach the house.

How much will Galaxy SmartTag+ cost?

While the store page isn't online at this time, previous information from the SmartTag's official unveiling states $49.99 for the SmartTag+. The regular Galaxy SmartTag currently sells for $29.99.

Samsung SmartThings official page

View Galaxy SmartTag+ press release

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