Samsung strips a Galaxy S20 Ultra to show the periscope and Verizon's 5G antennas

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By many counts, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a groundbreaking phone that will be paving the industry's way for years to come. Samsung is very proud with it, and with a good reason. So proud, in fact, that it issued its first reverse disassembly video of a smartphone ever, in order to showcase what the phone looks like on the inside.

What you can see above is Samsung putting together a Galaxy S20 Ultra piece by piece, only stopping to emphasize the important parts like the breathtaking camera kit. We also get to see the giant 5000mAh battery, the 5G mmWave antennas that hook you up to Verizon and other US carriers' respective network sections, or the screeching chipset.

What we are grateful about is that we get to see the intriguing periscope zoom system which is pretty tiny for the giant magnification options it offers when combined with cropping and pixel-binning from the main sensor.

As you can see, there is also a beefy vapor chamber that keeps the whole thing cool under pressure, as both the 5G connectivity and the vast processing power inside the phone provide plenty of reasons to worry about keeping the temperature on the down low and dissipated. That's what the first phone with 16GB RAM is all about - specs excess.

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