Samsung is pushing the RAM Plus feature to mid-range and flagship phones

Samsung is pushing the RAM Plus feature to mid-range and flagship phones
In early September, Samsung released an update for the Galaxy A52s 5G that added a new feature called RAM Plus. It gave the phone an additional 4GB of virtual random access memory (RAM) by using the internal storage to do so.

Now, Samsung is seemingly expanding the list of devices getting this new feature to more mid-range and even some flagship Samsung phones. The update has arrived for the Galaxy A52 5G, but some flagships like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are also receiving it (via SamMobile).

Judging by this turn of events, we have decent grounds to speculate that the feature could also arrive on other flagships such as the Galaxy S21 series and the upcoming Galaxy S22.

What is virtual RAM and is it useful?

Virtual RAM is an old technology that was first used in PCs. In the case with Android, if the phone has fast-enough internal storage, it can assign some of it to be used as RAM. In turn, this extra RAM can then be used by the phone to keep a few more apps running in the background, which will make opening them up again faster.

Even though virtual RAM helps with some tasks, it cannot replace the existing physical RAM of the device. That’s simply because the storage it borrows from is much slower in comparison and its main purpose is to house more permanent information. RAM, on the other hand, is meant to house high-priority information.

All in all, it might provide some slight improvements in app loading speeds but don’t expect virtual RAM to make your phone feel like a brand new one.

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Note that you cannot play around with the feature in any way, meaning that it is not adjustable and cannot be toggled off or on. If you have it, then it will just be there and offer you 4GB of extra virtual RAM.

If you want to check whether your Samsung phone has this new feature, you can do so by going to Settings > Battery and device care > Memory. If you see “RAM Plus (virtual memory): 4GB” written anywhere on the screen, then you have it. Suffice to say, if you don’t see it—then you don’t have it.

Even if you don’t get it, though, no need to go full-on FOMO mode. At least for the time being, the feature hasn’t shown any groundbreaking real-world advantages.

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