Samsung doesn’t miss a beat on poking fun at Apple’s $19 cleaning cloth

Samsung doesn’t miss a beat on poking fun at Apple’s $19 cleaning cloth
What is that? You are selling a cleaning cloth for $19? Oh, we can also do that, but for free—is what one can imagine Samsung is probably trying to say with this new counterpunch marketing move.

Samsung has reportedly given away a whole bunch of free polishing cloths to Samsung phone owners in Germany. This information comes thanks to the Dutch blog Galaxy Club, which states that owners could request a “velvety soft cleaning cloth” through the company’s Members app.

The free cleaning cloths were made available by the tech giant to owners of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and or Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy S21 series, as well as the Galaxy A52s. The blog also states that at least 1000 of these cloths were sent out to users and for now, they are out of stock. Samsung hasn’t said anything about restocking them or doing the same in other regions.

Suffice to say, Samsung paints itself in a much more generous picture compared to Apple’s premium Polishing Cloth, which goes for $19. Not to mention that most of those who ordered it will have to wait until 2022 because of stock shortages.

It undoubtedly made a splash on everyone’s news feed, though, which leaves up for debate who’s marketing strategy is better in this regard. It was such a sensation that iFixit even made a teardown video on the thing.

What remains to be seen is how the Samsung cloth compares to that of Apple. For now, we have no information on its look and feel, but hey—whatever it is, it’s free! Now Samsung just has to do that on a bigger scale, and that would be a proper display of altruism and customer care.
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