Samsung launches SmartThings Energy Flex Connect to promote energy-saving with NY and CA users

Samsung launches SmartThings Energy Flex Connect to promote energy-saving with NY and CA users
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Samsung is stepping up its commitment to sustainability with the launch of SmartThings Energy Flex Connect. This new program aims to transform how we manage energy at home, promoting eco-conscious living while rewarding users for their participation.

SmartThings Energy Flex Connect is a demand response program that simplifies energy management for SmartThings users in California and New York. By automating their home devices to respond to energy demand fluctuations, users can help reduce strain on the electrical grid, especially during peak hours.

The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility and user control. Eligible devices, including thermostats, plugs, air conditioners, lights, TVs, and even appliances, can be enrolled in the program. Users can then choose which devices participate and adjust settings according to their preferences.

SmartThings Energy takes care of the rest. It automatically activates AI Energy Mode in compatible appliances to optimize energy use during peak events. For instance, it can turn off lights and plugs when not needed or make smart temperature adjustments to thermostats to conserve energy.

Chanwoo Park, EVP, Samsung Electronics

Even those without compatible appliances can benefit. The program sends alerts during peak events, empowering users to take energy-saving actions manually.

The benefits of participating in SmartThings Energy Flex Connect are twofold. Firstly, it's a simple way to contribute to a more sustainable energy grid. By reducing energy consumption during peak demand, users help prevent blackouts and reduce the need for fossil fuel-powered plants.

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Secondly, Samsung rewards participants with Samsung Rewards points. These points can be redeemed for various benefits, encouraging more people to get involved in energy-saving initiatives.

Samsung's vision for SmartThings Energy Flex Connect is clear: to make energy management easier, more convenient, and more rewarding for everyone. I can see this as being a win-win solution for California and New York residents, which promotes both individual savings and a greener future.

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