Samsung's 'Adidas Galaxy Buds Pro' are SO extra: Take a look

Samsung's 'Adidas Galaxy Buds Pro' are SO extra: Take a look
Are you a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro? Do you love your dirty pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers? What if we told you that combining the two is a… thing!? No, you can’t charge your new Galaxy Buds Pro in your shoes. The tech isn’t there yet… nor is the fashion.

However, soon you might be able to have a pair of heavily branded Galaxy Buds Pro. It is all very extra, indeed. But! We have to admit - Samsung has committed to this extravagant idea.

The earbuds come in a snapback-shaped case, which is obviously quite bigger than the original one. Even the unboxing experience is supposed to resemble the one of a pair of kicks. You get a mini-sized ‘shoebox’, which contains the earbuds, with a label hanging off the side. Still, the earbuds aren’t branded, which is a good thing. Moreover, it looks like you can take the Buds Pro case out of the Adidas case.

Other perks include a coupon code for a pair of Stan Smiths, which makes a lot of sense, as well as a special bit of software overlay on top of Samsung’s One UI: an Adidas Originals theme. This gives you a set of icons, a lock screen, as well as a message and call screen overhaul - you guessed it, with more Adidas branding.

Frankly, there’s a real chance we would’ve thought this was a prank, if today wasn’t April 5, and not April 1.

On the other hand, Adidas is a sports brand, and the Galaxy Buds Pro are marketed as suitable for sports, with their IPX7 water resistance, so the collab isn’t all that bizarre.

Moreover, this pair of earbuds is supposed to build on Samsung’s dedication to the environment, as the snapback case is made of recycled plastic, while the earbuds contain 20% of post-consumer materials. The latter simply means Samsung has made use of materials, which otherwise wouldn’t have been recycled at all.

The special edition Galaxy Buds Pro will go on sale on April 7. There are only 6,000 units available, and the price is KRW 279,000, which makes about $250. The reason we are giving you the South Korean pricing is because they are only available in the company’s home country, at least for now.

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Let us know if you’d like to pick up a pair, and we’ll update you, in case the ‘Adidas Galaxy Buds Pro’ make it out of South Korea.

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