Save 20% on Tegic's sexy power bank using this coupon code

Save 20% on Tegic's sexy power bank using this coupon code
UPDATE:When ordering the Tegic Block 30, use the coupon code Tegic20 to save 20% on the Power Bank. The discount brings the  U.S. price down to $55.20 from $69. After the discount, prices in other regions are 47 EUR and $40 British Pounds.

While Power Banks are pretty much considered a must-have accessory for smartphone users these days thanks to energy eaters like fast refresh rate screens and 5G, they are not typically aesthetically pleasing to look at. Usually made with a metal housing and the necessary ports with Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer batteries inside. However, a company called Tegic has created some Power Banks that bring sexy to a product that usually has none.

The Tegic Block 01 and Block 30 both include a see-through panel that reveals some of the circuitry used for the device. The manufacturer says that this design "satisfies the fantasy of geeks and cyberpunk enthusiasts."

The Block 01 includes a built-in lighting plug that clicks into place on the back of the bank. However, depending on the case used on your iPhone, this Lighting cable might not plug firmly into the phone reminding us of the recessed 3.5mm port on the original iPhone. It carries a 10000mAh battery capacity (Lithium Polymer) and supports Fast Charging platforms such as PD3.0 (USB Power Delivery), QC3.0 (Quick Charge), and Fast Charge Protocol (FCP) at18W Fast Charging both in and out.

Whether you choose the unit with an attached Lighting cable or the one with an attached USB-C cable, charging will start immediately once the cable is plugged into the device. The Block 01, priced at $59, has over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection. It is available in orange and gray.

For $10 more ($69), you can purchase the Block 30 which includes the same window showing off the Power Bank's circuitry. It is also made using an anodized design using a whole piece of aluminum which is the same surface material used on the Apple iPhone 12. The Block 30 carries a 10000mAh battery using 30W PD Fast Charging both in and out and also supports Quick Charge to Fast Charge devices including itself. Color options are gray and black.

The company says that it will soon launch an updated Block 02 with an MFi (Made for iPhone) Lightning cable, 22.5W USB-A port, and an 18W PD output port. This model will be available in more "colorful colors."

Also coming soon is the Steelix 4-in-1 cable with 100W Fast Charging support. It features 480Mbps data transfer and won't tangle. This cable is available for pre-order from Kickstarter. You can pledge as little as $25 USD for a Steelix cable available in silver gray and black night. You can use it to charge your iPhone and Android devices, a tablet, or a laptop.

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