Vote now: Do you think phone chargers should be included in the retail box?

Vote now: Do you think phone chargers should be included in the retail box?
And here we are with another controversial topic - phone chargers and retail boxes. A couple of years ago phone companies started to remove things from the final retail package (looking at you, Apple!) and now we’ve arrived at a point where there’s nothing but the phone itself inside the tiny little box (I can’t believe you did that, Sony!).

I also remember the time when we used to get a whole bunch of goods with every phone purchase - including earbuds, chargers, cases, screen protectors, and even tiny straps to help with holding/carrying your phone.

There are two main arguments in favor of barebone phone packaging - the first being that people already have chargers, earphones and other accessories lying around, and the second one - saving the Planet!

I can relate to the first one to some extent, but the second one is a bit weak, at least for me - we don’t get any objective and verified number on how much exactly we’re contributing to Mother Earth’s wellbeing by using our old measly 10W charger with the new iPhone 14.

What’s more - people are still buying those accessories separately, or from third-party vendors, judging by how those companies and market niches continue to thrive. How about putting the best fast charger, and wireless earphones inside the retail box when you’re selling a $1000+ device? Is it too much to ask?

Today we’re asking you more or less the same question - do you think chargers should be included with your phone purchase? (The initial poll we did when Apple first removed the accessories was pretty unanimous on this). I know it applies to other accessories, such as cases, screen protectors and cables, and I know that some companies are still doing it (Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor), killing the Planet in the process (/sarcasm). But what do you think?

Do you think phone chargers should be included in the retail box?

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