Didn't get credit for the trade you sent Google when you bought your new Pixel? This is why

Didn't get credit for the trade you sent Google when you bought your new Pixel? This is why
When it comes to ordering the Pixel 7 series online, there seems to be some sort of jinx. First, we heard directly from Best Buy customers who were planning to pick up their new phones from the store. These customers informed us that Best Buy unilaterally decided to cancel pre-orders of the devices at the beginning of this month claiming that it couldn't obtain these units from Google. That's despite the retailer's website showing that some of the same models could be shipped to customers.

Ordering the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro requires a level of patience that most phone buyers should not have to summon

Other customers never were told by Best Buy the reason why they never got their Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but everyone whose order was not fulfilled by the retailer (at least at first) lost out on the $200 gift card that Best Buy enticed them with and those sending in a trade might have lost out on the "locked-in" quote they received for their old phone. It's no surprise that affected Best Buy customers feel that the retailer did this on purpose so that it wouldn't have to send out the gift cards.

We asked Best Buy for comment multiple times and the company decided not to respond. However, one Best Buy customer sent us a message he was sent from the retailer that offers him a $200 gift card on a new order that would be picked up by the customer at a local Best Buy store. We don't know how many of these messages were sent out.

Quite a few handsets heading to Google as a trade-in are stuck at a postal facility in Nashville

The latest bit of bad news comes from Reddit (via Droid-Life). The news there is that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been stacking up phones being sent to Google for examination as part of a trade-in deal. So if you ordered your new Pixel from the Google Store and included a trade, you might have noticed that you haven't received credit for it yet. This is why. One Droid-Life reader said that he sent in his trade on October 28th and the device has been stuck at a  USPS shipping facility in Nashville.

A post made by a Redditor using the handle "M0M0Ma99" reads like a horror story. This consumer decided to trade in his 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max for a Pixel 7. After two and a half weeks, the phone remains in a Nashville postal facility even though its ultimate destination is a Google office in Tennessee (the state where Nashville is located).

Since the shipping label that Google provides those shipping a trade doesn't include insurance, the USPS won't help. Neither will Google as they tell its customer to call the USPS. This guy was supposed to get $670 for his trade so you can understand why he is upset, worried, and frustrated. Others also posted that they have had the exact same situation with their trade stuck at the same exact facility in Nashville.

With all of the problems apparently tied to this one facility in Nashville, this processing center is apparently not capable of running packages smoothly through the system for one reason or another. Another post explains what these reasons might be. "I work in logistics and see this type of thing happen often with parcel shippers (ups/FedEx/dhl etc)," one Reddit subscriber writes. "The processing centers get backlogged and shipments may not move for multiple days. Sometimes due to weather others, they just don't have enough people working."

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While it does create anxiety, waiting a little longer might end up being the less stressful road to take. For example, one Redditor sent in his trade on October 17th, and only this morning (November 7th) did he receive credit for it.

If you don't have the tracking number of the package, you can find it on the Google Store website listed underneath the phone you purchased. However, knowing the tracking number won't get your phone to Google any faster. Several posts on Reddit indicate that you'll probably hear that your package is still "in transit" at the Nashville facility.

Hopefully, Google will receive all of these trades and process the proper amount of credit to its customers.

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