At MWC Oppo revealed the charging system you've dreamed about (VIDEO)

At MWC Oppo revealed the charging system you've dreamed about (VIDEO)
Imagine being able to fully charge the battery on your smartphone in only 9 minutes. In just 540 seconds, you can have your handset fully charged and ready to go. Once again, the innovation comes from China where Oppo's 240W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge delivers the charging speed that you've dreamed about.

Oppo is owned by BBK Electronics, the Chinese firm that owns Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Realme, and iQOO. OnePlus is rumored to include a 150W charger with the OnePlus Nord 3 which might be released next quarter.

Some phone manufacturers will see these powerful chargers as a godsend since they might feel comfortable putting smaller batteries in their phones knowing that it might take a user just 3 and a half minutes to charge to 50% at 240W.  The SUPERVOOC charger was introduced during Mobile World Congress (MWC).

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Oppo has released a video that shows the 240W charger in action with a timer counting each second until the battery is at 100%. Imagine the changes that could take place in how we manage the battery life on our smartphones if we could fully replenish the power in only 9 minutes. Alas, Oppo's 240W charging system is not yet ready for prime time. Keep in mind that the faster rate a battery is charged at, the fewer charging cycles the battery will live for.

The 150W system that OnePlus and Realme will feature later this year won't have this issue. It will charge to 50% in only five minutes and fully replenish the battery in 17 minutes. After 1,600 charging cycles at 150W, the battery will still have 80% of the original battery capacity. That is equivalent to charging the phone once a day for four years and is twice the normal survival rate for a smartphone battery.

It will still be several years before we see 240W charging become available for smartphones throughout the world. In the meantime, you can watch Oppo's video and just think about what the future holds.

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