OPPO to Launch House of the Dragon inspired Reno 8 Pro in India

OPPO to Launch House of the Dragon inspired Reno 8 Pro in India
OPPO is to launch a new variant of the Reno 8 Pro, dressed in black and trimmed in gold. Before you get too excited – for now, it’s only going to be available in India. The redesign is a limited edition, which is making a timely appearance just in time for the highly expected Season Finale of House of the Dragon.

The HBO series in question is a prequel to the infamous Game of Thrones, which managed to captivate millions of fans, ever since it debuted in 2011. House of the Dragon however, revolves around House Targaryen: the fierce Dragon rides of Westeros.

As such, this limited edition’s design picks up on that draconic theme and applies it, without allowing it to become too gingerly. The Reno 8 Pro’s usually glossy back is destined to be covered with a special protective case. It boasts a leatheresque texture, with the Targeryen’s symbol crowning it as a centerpiece.

Usually, limited editions like these come in with all sorts of goodies, meant to commemorate the purchase beyond the device itself. Continuing the trend of gold on black, this package will offer a total of six items for House of the Dragon fans.

Beyond the aforementioned case, the other two phone-centric accessories, bundled with this limited release are:

  • A SIM ejector tool, with it’s holder shaped like the head of a dragon (of course)
  • A ring type phone holder, with a 3D dragon crest (of course!)

The rest of the treasures include a golden dragon egg; however it’s probably unwise to boil this one and expect it to hatch, as seen in the series; and a House Targaryen keychain. A commemorative letter is also included, but that is pretty standard for limited edition phones, as those usually contain a validation of authenticity.

OPPO launches a draconic rendition of the Reno 8 Pro alongside the House of the Dragon season finale

Looking at OPPO’s product page for the limited edition Reno 8 Pro, we can tell it won’t feature any special alterations to make it a better fit for the fantasy theme – save for a matching UI theme, perhaps. OPPO did a great job with the stylish Avengers inspired back of the F11 Pro, so a small unique twist was expected.

The price of the Reno 8 Pro House of the Dragon limited edition is yet to be revealed. Given that the phone launched this summer, it still holds a competitive price in the Indian market. With this release being a limited edition, it’s only natural to expect a price increase - dragon eggs are probably quite expensive.

This Targeryen inspired limited run of the Reno 8 Pro is set to launch on October 23, just in time for the season finale of House of the Dragon. For sure, all questions will be answered around that time, both regarding the series and the sleek redesign of the phone inspired by it.

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