Oppo's smart Air Glass eyewear unveiled with a tiny projector, navigation and translation features

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Oppo isn't waiting for the Apple AR/VR Glasses or whatever Facebook's parent Meta is cooking in the smart eyewear field, but just announced the Air Glass, a smart aR (for "assisted reality") wearable that has a tiny projector on the side to show you navigation routes or direct person-to-person translation captions as you speak.

That's not all, as the Air Glass doesn't even look dorky but is rather like a monocle snap-on you can attach to a thin frame. Available in black and white, the side contains one of the tiniest projectors ever concocted, at the size of a coffee bean, that beams pertinent info to your lenses. Oppo calls it "our self-developed spark micro projector" and it is indeed extremely small so that it can fit in the not-so-dorky frame side.

Oppo Air Glass specs and features

Oppo Air Glass offers "four intuitive methods of interaction - touch, voice, hand gestures, and head movements," with which you can navigate not only the smart eyewear's features directly, but also link it to a smartwatch or phone. Powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform chipset, the Oppo Air Glass specs also include tailored optical diffraction waveguide that offers 16-level or 256-level grayscale display modes with up to 1400 nits brightness for superior outdoor visibility.

The use scenarios? Well, one of them is turn-by-turn navigation always in front of your eyes when you drive or cycle, so that you don't get your eyes off the road. Next up is perhaps the most futuristic option - direct person-to-person translation as you both speak - carried out by projecting the captions of the person's words on the screen of the Air Glass in English, as they talk in a foreign language. Oppo's smart eyewear also has useful apps like Weather, Calendar, Health, or Teleprompter it can project while you have it on.

Oppo's Air Glass augmented reality device will be launched with Chinese-English translation option first, but more language pairs will be added as the free SDK develops. The eyewear will be available in black or white colors for a Q1 2022 release in the home turf at launch, for a price that has yet to be detailed.

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