Opera brings image generation and other AI features to its Android browser

Opera brings image generation and other AI features to its Android browser
Opera is one of the first companies to have fully adopted AI. The Norwegian browser is now delivering new features that use AI regularly to those using its apps.

The latest Opera announcement involves the company’s Android browser, which just received an important update that adds Image Generation and a few other AI-related features.

After a trial run in beta, Opera has decided to incorporate image generation with Aria in the latest version of the Android browser. The new feature is powered by the Imagen2 image generation model from Google and is now available to all users.

To take advantage of the new functionality, users must ask Aria to generate whatever they wish, and the browser AI will create it. The images created can be further refined if they don’t match your initial description. Additionally, these images generated by the Ai can be copied to a clipboard, saved, shared with friends, and even set to be your device’s wallpaper.

Along with image generation, the latest Opera update brings AI to the newsfeed with Daily Roundups. Basically, AI is used to curate a selection of the most relevel news podcasts that you might be interested to listen to.

Unfortunately, Daily Roundups is only available in the United States at the moment. On the bright side, the new feature comes with AI-powered audio playback, allowing users to listen to articles on the go.

Last but not least, version 83 introduces an improved search view in News to allow users to find their preferred country. Also, 30 new languages are now supported in order to enable more local content.

And if you’re a football fan, Opera recently launched a suite of new features specifically designed around EURO 2024, including a live score carousel with in-depth statistics, match notification, as well as a dedicated newsfeed.

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