OnePlus users with a 4G or 5G model running Android 10 need to install this update now!

OnePlus users with a 4G or 5G model running Android 10 need to install this update now!
OnePlus has updated its app launcher to version 4.4 and there are changes to the UI that OnePlus users are raving about, especially the Recents menu. The update moves icons belonging to open apps to the bottom of the page from the top. Reddit users also pointed out (via Android Police) that there is now a "Close Apps" button and the three-dot menu icon is gone. Instead, pressing down on an app will bring up the options that used to be found on the menu.

With the new UI moving some elements to the bottom of the page, OnePlus users no longer have to perform digital calisthenics to handle some tasks on the Recents menu. The early reviews are positive with OnePlus users posting on Reddit that the new Recents menu is easier to use and that the new UI looks much better. Keep in mind that the update will work on all OnePlus handsets running Android 10 and you can find the update in the Google Play Store.

One thing that OnePlus users are upset about is the lack of support for landscape orientation. With a 6.7-inch display on the OnePlus 7T Pro, some users might prefer to use the launcher in that format. Some question why this cannot be offered; one OnePlus user notes that when switching out of an app in landscape, the launcher will briefly appear in landscape orientation before reverting back to portrait.

Nonetheless, if your OnePlus handset is running Android 10, you just might want to update the launcher now.

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