OnePlus issues a new statement on the OnePlus 9 series throttling controversy and it may upset Qualcomm

OnePlus issues a new statement on the OnePlus 9 series throttling controversy, it may upset Qualcomm
OnePlus has recently been caught in a controversy with its optimizations on the Snapdragon 888 chip in the flagship OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones. Now, the company addresses the situation in a new statement, providing further explanations about the CPU throttling on the OnePlus 9 series, reports Notebookcheck.

The latest statement by OnePlus regarding the issue might get it into trouble with Qualcomm

Initially, OnePlus got into a controversial situation with Geekbench because of optimizations made on the OnePlus 9 and the Snapdragon 888. These then resulted in the flagship phones' removal from the benchmark scores. Then, the company issued an initial statement, underlining it has made optimizations for better user experience, and not for benchmarking results.

Now, a new statement by the "Never Settle" company goes into further detail, stating the sheer power of newer flagship processors is often overkill, especially in scenarios involving social media apps, browsers, and some light games.

OnePlus also states it has shifted its attention from sheer power to optimizing the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro for the performance it is expected of each app while at the same time, managing overheating and power consumption.

As you can see from the quote from OnePlus' statement, the company maintains its position that changes were made in order to assure an optimized performance for different use cases. However, the lack of initial transparency about these changes may be considered an issue.

Additionally, in stating "In recent years, the performance of smartphone SoCs has reached a point where their power is often overkill in certain scenarios" the company is somewhat putting Qualcomm as its chip maker in the spotlight, suggesting its chips are 'overkill' and implying the Snapdragon 888 runs too hot and as a result, uses too much battery.

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It remains to be seen how and if Qualcomm will react to the latest OnePlus statement, but if that happens, we'll make sure to share it with you, so stay tuned!

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