These are the preliminary specs of the December-eyed OnePlus 12

These are the preliminary specs of the December-eyed OnePlus 12
Fairly predictable a few years back, the OnePlus flagship launch strategy has become much harder to anticipate of late, with no 9T model released in the fall of 2021, no "standard" 10 last year, and no 11 Pro in early 2023.

There's now a very distinct possibility that the OnePlus 11T will not happen either, which means that Android power users devoted to this particular brand should already start looking forward to next year's OnePlus 12 and/or OnePlus 12 Pro.

For the time being, the rumor mill appears to only be calling for a single non-Pro variant of the company's next big thing, which could see daylight a little earlier than you may have expected. Specifically, in December 2023, at least in China, and if recent history is any indication, that might then spawn a January 2024 global launch.

As you can imagine, the OnePlus 12 design and specifications are probably not finalized yet, but the current plan is to purportedly keep the OnePlus 11's 6.7-inch QHD OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate technology virtually unchanged while obviously jumping from a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor to a Gen 3 beast.

The 5,000mAh battery capacity and blazing fast 100W charging support are also likely to be retained, with the biggest upgrades eyed at the moment concerning the phone's photographic skills and imaging versatility.

To that end, the OnePlus 12 is said to feature a 50MP primary camera along with a 50MP ultra-wide-angle shooter and a 64MP periscope lens on its back, up from a OnePlus 11 rear-facing camera configuration combining 50, 48, and 32MP sensors.

Of course, megapixel counts are not everything when it comes to real-world imaging improvements, but it's hard not to get excited when hearing about a 64MP periscope cam. 

Because this is described as an "engineering" configuration by prolific Twitter tipster Yogesh Brar, however, it's probably wise not to get too excited for the time being and hold very few guarantees on a device expected to launch no earlier than seven months down the line. 

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