Nokia Mobile to launch Nokia Solo Bud+

Nokia Mobile to launch Nokia Solo Bud+
Nokia seems to be planning a new Bluetooth earpiece launch, as images coupled with a new FCC certification have recently revealed. The earpiece will cater to business-oriented customers rather than for leisure, by the looks of the bulky, singular earpiece. 

Visually, Nokia is sticking to the classic old-style business look, with minimal variation from the other black, minimalistic, no-nonsense earpieces we're used to seeing from Nokia in the past. In fact, it appears nearly identical to the old-school Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-110, but with slightly more curved sides and a large, pronounced multi-function button.

The following images have been uncovered by Droid News and leave little to the imagination about what the earpiece will look like in terms of size, looks from each angle, and button functionality. 

The gadget emphasizes its simplicity and function-over-form design—it's there to do its job, allow you to very easily take (or reject) call, or even listen to music as you go about your business (but mainly, bring you back to the simpler old Nokia days). 

As you can see, the earpiece will have one main button on the top and a couple more discreet volume controls on the side.

The main control button will play or pause music, answer or end calls, or reject them by holding down for one second—while holding down for two seconds will activate a series of voice commands. 

The volume buttons will also boast some multifunctionality, as holding them down will allow you to skip forward or back a track.

We can likely expect to see this gadget in the market sometime soon, as it has been registered at the FCC under the product code SB-201 complete with user manual, images, and plenty of other details.

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