A new Repost button in TikTok will let you repost your favorite content

A new Repost button in TikTok will let you repost your favorite content
Apparently, TikTok has begun testing a new feature for sharing content. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, posted on Twitter that some users have noticed a new Repost button in their TikTok app. According to Matt Navarra's post, when a user tries to share a video, the new "Repost" button also displays as a sharing option.

Currently, it seems that when a user reposts a video, the video does not appear on their profile. In an answer to a question about where the reposted videos appear, Matt Navarra said that these videos are only visible to the user's followers.

At the moment, the new Repost button is available only to some users. There is no information if TikTok specifically chose these users to receive the Repost button or is releasing the feature randomly.

Currently, TikTok adds a watermark with its logo on to saved and reposted videos. If a TikTok user wants to repost a video without the TikTok logo on it, must first use a specific TikTok video downloader that removes the watermark. Only then, the user can repost the video without the watermark. Needless to say, using this method can lead to copyright issues.

However, judging by the presence of the new Repost button, it seems that TikTok has noticed the desire of its users to share others’ videos by reposting. Currently, the new Repost TikTok feature is only in its test phase. At this time, it's unclear whether TikTok will keep this function in its current form or change how it operates.

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