iPhone 8 concept shows lavish all-screen metal & glass tribute to the original iPhone

iPhone 8 renders showcase lavish all-screen metal & glass tribute to the original iPhone
Designer Martin Hajek is your go-to guy when it comes to the flashiest, snazziest concepts of upcoming smartphones imaginable. Somehow, many of them appear perfectly plausible, too – if you drop the larger than life bloom that's part of his signature style and most 00s video games

It's about time the Haj had a fair shake at the upcoming Apple iPhone, particularly the 10 Year Anniversary Model with all-screen front that's supposedly in development together with two iPhone 7s phones for the less adventurous types.

The shiny pics are available below and we have to say, we're quite fond of replicating the original iPhone's Gray-Black color scheme. Look at the gory details – there's even finger grease!

Reportedly, Apple is doing something in a similar style to honor the iPhone that launched 10 years ago and ruined feature phones for everybody. It had this exact clownfish and jellyfish wallpaper, too! Hajek also honored the rumors of a stainless steel frame and glass back, making for an all-around informed showing. More iPhone 8 rumors here!

Apple could certainly pull of a design like this if it gets the under-glass fingerprint scanner tech sorted out in time. Samsung couldn't and had to make do with a finger scanner whose placement on the Galaxy S8 is... less than ideal. We can't say we like the larger top bezel, though. Go all-screen or bust! We also hope Apple chooses a subtler shade of pink than Martin did, because the iPhone's refined shape and the ditzy Barbie look don't really vibe together.

Now, let's shut up and leave you with the renders already. There's actually 36 of them, so if you're really into Martin's vision, head to Computer Bild and check out the rest.


source: Computer Bild (Translated) via AppAdvice
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