Netflix on Android may soon get a toggle to turn HDR off if you prefer SDR

Netflix on Android may soon get a toggle to turn HDR off if you prefer SDR
Netflix has long been committed to offering viewers the best possible experience on their respective devices, which includes embracing High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. This feature promises richer colors, deeper blacks, and a more immersive feel for movies and TV shows that support it. However, HDR isn't always the perfect fit for every situation.

Some viewers might find that HDR is too harsh on their eyes, especially in low-light conditions. Others might be concerned about the increased battery drain that comes with HDR playback, particularly when watching on mobile devices. And let's not forget those who simply prefer the look of Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) for certain content.

Netflix seems to have heard these concerns, and they may be working on a solution. Recent findings from a deep dive into the Netflix Android app's code by Android Authority and leaker AssembleDebug have revealed hints of a potential new feature: an HDR toggle. This would allow users to seamlessly switch between HDR and SDR on the fly, tailoring their viewing experience to their preferences and circumstances.

The potential benefits of this feature are numerous. For Samsung users who have reported issues with dim HDR playback on certain devices, the ability to switch to SDR could be a significant improvement. Viewers who struggle with eye strain or prefer less intense visuals would also likely appreciate the option to choose. Additionally, the ability to disable HDR could help conserve battery life and reduce data usage, especially when streaming on mobile networks.

While this is still just a possibility, the discovery of this hidden feature in the app's code suggests that Netflix is at least exploring the idea of giving users more control over their HDR settings. If and when this feature is released, it would be a welcome addition for many Netflix subscribers, offering greater flexibility and personalization in their viewing experience.

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