Forget the Edge+ 5G, Motorola already has a new flagship on the way

Forget the Edge+ 5G, Motorola already has a new flagship on the way
The Motorola Edge and Edge+ have only just been announced, but it turns out the Chicago-based company is already hard at work on yet another flagship smartphone scheduled to be introduced later this year.

It might be another foldable smartphone

Tipster Evan Blass says Motorola has a new high-end device in development under the codename ‘Odyssey.’ No further information has been provided, but the codename itself could provide a hint at what Motorola is working on.

The foldable Motorola Razr was codenamed ‘Voyager’ – a person that goes on a long journey to a foreign land – and ‘Odyssey’ – a long and exciting journey – seemingly sticks to that rather unique theme.

Before getting too excited, do note that all of this could simply be a coincidence. But the latest codename does certainly point towards the possibility that the device may be a newer foldable smartphone designed to replace the Razr.

Alternatively, it could be a different take on the foldable format and perhaps a direct competitor to either the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate Xs, which both bring tablet-like experiences to a compact form factor.

The possibility that ‘Odyssey’ could simply be a regular flagship should also be mentioned. But considering Motorola only just re-entered the segment after three years, another high-end smartphone around six months later seems very unlikely.

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