Some lucky users are about to get the Moto razr (2019) two weeks early!

Some lucky users are about to get the Moto razr (2019) two weeks early!
The Motorola razr (2019) is a pretty hotly-anticipated device. Why? Well, not only is it among the first foldable smartphones we can actually buy, it is also the very first one that folds vertically — to be ultra compact —, the first one that doesn't cost $2,000+, and it also happens to bear the iconic design of the good ole Motorola Razr flip phones from the mid-2000s!

After being delayed once due to an inability to meet demand, Motorola has finally launched the razr pre-orders and the phone will be shipping on the 18th of February. Or at least that's the deadline Moto has set for itself. It looks like some units are already on their way to their owners.

At least that's what being reported by one of our avid readers who sent us an email to let us know — their Motorola razr (2019) has been shipped and should be in their hands by the 3rd of February! That's two weeks early and certainly a pleasant surprise. Also, in case you are wondering about the price — the source says they got a student discount through a third party seller.

*Thanks for the screenshot, Steven, and happy second Christmas!

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