Motorola P30 goes official as China's latest low-cost iPhone X clone

Motorola P30 goes official as China's latest low-cost iPhone X clone
Even though it’s owned by a local company, Motorola doesn’t exactly sell China’s most popular smartphones. But Lenovo’s subsidiary might want to raise some awareness in the world’s largest market, expanding the Moto Z3 and E5 Plus today, as well as formally unveiling the P30.

No words on P30 Note and P30 Play variants just yet, and although the iPhone X-inspired mid-ranger is branded the Motorola P30 in China, we’re ready to bet the name will be changed to Moto P30 or Motorola One Power when this eventually makes it to the Western Hemisphere.

Bizarrely enough, while the high-end Moto Z3 is scheduled to regionally go on sale tomorrow, August 16, this humbler P30 will only see daylight on September 15. On the bright side, the price definitely feels right, starting at 2,099 yuan ($303) for a 64GB configuration, and going up to CNY 2,499 ($360) with 128 gigs of internal storage space in tow.

Both models offer a generous 6GB RAM, also packing a respectable Snapdragon 636 processor. Since this is a China-first device, Lenovo’s proprietary ZUI 4.0 interface is applied on top of Android 8.0 Oreo, but if the Moto P30 indeed gets morphed into a global Android One phone, a much cleaner software experience is also to be expected.

Speaking of clean, the handset’s design is pretty straightforward... for an affordable iPhone X copycat, with a wide notch helping the P30 adopt an extra-tall 19:9 aspect ratio, a large enough chin to accommodate a company logo, vertically arranged dual rear-facing cameras positioned in the top left corner, and a snazzy, shiny all-glass construction.

The 6.2-inch screen delivers fairly standard 2246 x 1080 resolution, squeezing into a decently compact body, with a relatively small 3,000 mAh battery allowing the Motorola P30 to keep bulk to a minimum, weighing in at less than 170 grams.

The “batwing” logo on the back doubles as a blazing fast fingerprint scanner, and yes, the “notchy” device is also capable of (no doubt basic) facial recognition. The word “AI” (short for artificial intelligence) is used about a hundred times in the P30’s official promotional materials, purportedly boosting everything from the 16 + 5MP performance of the dual rear shooter system to the 12MP selfie cam, overall energy efficiency, as well as CPU, GPU, and memory acceleration.

The Motorola P30 will be available in three snazzy paint jobs, including “bright black”, “ice jade white”, and an exceptionally eye-catching “Aurora” flavor that looks a lot like something Huawei’s been aggressively pushing of late.

source: Motorola

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