Retailer leaked the Moto Watch 70: a simple but capable fitness tracker

Retailer leaked the Moto Watch 70: a simple but capable fitness tracker
Last year, we saw that Motorola is aiming to get back into the smartwatch game with at least three models planned. One of them, the Moto Watch 100 is already live, which leaves two more to go.

Or rather one left, as BestBuy Canada has seemingly unveiled the second of the planned smartwatches, namely the Moto Watch 70. While it is not up for sale yet, the product page lists some details that we can’t help but comment on.

What are the features of the Moto Watch 70?

Let’s start with the essentials. Here’s a list of the most notable smart features of the Moto Watch 70:

  • Alerts for incoming calls, without the ability to respond – there is no built-in mic
  • The ability to act as a remote shutter button
  • Controls the Music player
  • Timely notifications and alarms, thanks to the Bluetooth 5 connection
  • Unspecified, mysterious OS

The smartwatch will also be able to act as a fitness and health tracker, so here is a TL;DR on that front too:

  • Dynamic health monitoring, including sleep, tracking
  • Heart Rate and SpO2 sensors
  • Step Count
  • 23 Sport modes for fitness tracking
  • 14 hours of active fitness tracking or up to 10 days of normal use
  • Can be recharged via its magnetic charging cradle for one hour
  • IP67 resistance, allowing users to shower or go hiking with it

A lot of these features do seem like the staples of a proper smartwatch. It’s nice to see that the Moto Watch 70 will offer numerous options for health and fitness tracking, with a battery capacity that seems capable of getting you through an entire day.

How will the Moto Watch 70 look?

Thanks to the listing, we’ve also got our first look at the watch too. It’s quite surprising to see the case having a rectangular shape, given that the last offering in the Moto Watch series set us up with expectations of conventional round form factors.

The watch boasts a 1.69" color screen with 240 x 280 resolution. While the rectangular nature of the screen may seem odd, it is arguably capable of displaying more information at a given time, which is a welcome addition to a smartwatch aiming to track numerous vital metrics.

The listing lists the Moto Watch 70 as about 0,4’’ (11mm) thick and weighs in at about 5.3 oz (150 g). That's a considerably hefty weight and as such, we’re willing to bet that it’s either an error or that it may have been measured along with its silicone strap.

As of now, the smartwatch is listed under only one color, namely phantom black. The casing of the watch itself is made out of zinc alloy, instead of the familiar aluminum. We also see that there is a single side button on the unit, but it’s specific function is still a mystery.

How much will the Moto Watch 70 cost?

The cost we can speculate on! BestBuy Canada has the smartwatch listed for $99 CAD, which we can expect to equal about $75 USD. That’s not a bad price for a fitness tracker with active health monitoring, a waterproof design, and respectable battery life.

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However, there is still no word on when Motorola’s latest smartwatch will become available. The last time around, the Moto Watch 100 was released in December of 2021, so it’s plausible that a release date may be just around the corner.

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