Mint Mobile nabs the best 5G unlimited data plan price offer this holiday season

Mint Mobile nabs the best 5G unlimited data plan price offer this holiday season
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Born of the necessity to provide affordable cell phone data plans without the shackles of a lengthy contract, Mint Mobile went live one summer day about six years ago, and has been steadily growing its subscriber base ever since. 

Nominated for one of the best values in cellular connectivity, Mint is constantly adjusting its pricing strategy to remain competitive no matter what changes the market brings, so that its 5G unlimited plan prices stay roughly half of what you'd pay for a single line on the big three, even with a contract.

It is very hard to beat Mint Mobile's unlimited 5G plan prices at the moment, but the carrier offers even more affordable tiers for those who want to save further. Starting from just $15/month and topping out at $40/month for the unlimited plan barring the current 3-months-free holiday promo, Mint beats each and every one of the US carrier's deals, even those no-frills, sans contract ones that they offer.

Mint Mobile holiday offers:

Mint Mobile makes it easy to get on the best 5G network in the US

Mint prides itself with eschewing the middleman and offering its plans directly to its customers which allows it to keep low overhead and cut costs, transferring the savings to them. Its smart online-first strategy starts with probing your signal area, as it is utilizing the widest and fastest 5G network coverage in the US, that of T-Mobile, at a fraction of the price.

There is a lot of device and connection flexibility with Mint Mobile, too. You can either bring your existing phone to Mint's network, hooking it up with a physical SIM card, or even easier, with the immediacy of an eSIM method, or you can shop for one of Mint's phones. Unlike most virtual carriers, Mint Mobile offers a complete roster of the hottest phones du jour, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, or the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro, the who's who of smartphone-ing this holiday season.

That is in stark contrast with most other MVNOs whose choices boil down to budget devices with entry level displays, cameras, and MediaTek processors. To top it all off, Mint offers discounts on its phones, too, even though you are not signing up for a two- or even three-year contract like with the big three these days. Speaking of plans...

Mint's 5G unlimited plan prices are very hard to beat, just as its 5G coverage

Coming in at roughly half of Verizon, AT&T, or even T-Mobile's unlimited plan prices, even Mint Mobile's highest tier is the negligible $40 a month and that's before the new subscriber promos or bulk purchases kick in.

Instead of stuffing in features you don't need or streaming services you won't use, Mint gives you only what you'd really need, such as unlimited minutes (to Mexico and Canada too!), texts, and data, all on America's 5G network with the biggest footprint.

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If you expected to only get unlimited data and communication at that price, Mint wanted to pleasantly surprise its customer base by also including the second most desired feature that cell phone plans can carry - wireless hotspot for data sharing - and include it in the plan price.

Mint vs T-Mobile unlimited 5G plan prices

Mint isn't afraid of a direct plan price comparison even with its T-Mobile network mothership. The virtual carrier keeps it simple, as its direct-to-consumer business model allows it to give for $40/month what T-Mobile can't give for $50, namely unlimited text, talk, and 5G data speeds, plus 5GB of full-speed wireless hotspot usage. 

Given that T-Mobile is the more affordable 5G network provider out of the big three, price comparison's with Verizon or AT&T's plans are skewed even further in favor of Mint. Even compared to fellow virtual carriers, Mint Mobile is only challenged by Verizon's Visible when it comes to holiday plan pricing for unlimited data but then again Verizon's 5G network leaves a lot to be desired in comparison with Mint's, plus the hotspot allotment there is throttled to 5Mbps from the get-go.

Saving the best for last: Mint Mobile's $15/month unlimited 5G plan price holiday deal

Besides the regular unlimited 5G plan subscription plan of $40/month, Mint also offers one for $15 that gives you 4GB, a $20 tier with 10GB, as well as a $25 plan that offers 15GB that most US customers could be perfectly happy with considering the average data usage per person stats.

These are all somewhat mooted now by Mint's holiday unlimited 5G plan price offer of just $90 total for a bulk of six months, basically knocking the value of a subscription to the largest 5G network in the US to the unbelievable $15 a month; then you can keep the same pricing by paying just $360 for a package of 12 more months. That's not even considering the family plan mix-and-match offers, or the 6 free months of unlimited 5G service if you get a phone form Mint!

All in all, be you a student just out of college, or an affluent but value-conscious customer, there is little to wonder about before choosing Mint as the easiest and most affordable way to gain access to America's best 5G network.

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