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Is the Surface Pro 7 better than Apple's MacBook Pro? Microsoft certainly thinks so

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Is the Surface Pro 7 better than Apple's MacBook Pro? Microsoft certainly thinks so
Despite having seen daylight a long 15 months ago, the Surface Pro 7 is still Microsoft's latest consumer-oriented Windows 10 tablet with a detachable design (alongside the ARM-based Surface Pro X, which was itself originally released back in the fall of 2019).

That's because the Redmond-based tech giant caught us all off guard earlier this month, unveiling a Surface Pro 7+ model for business and education customers rather than a full-fledged Surface Pro 8 sequel for everyone.

Unsurprisingly therefore, the company is still heavily advertising 2019's Surface Pro 7, with a new 30-second commercial uploaded to the official Microsoft Surface YouTube account looking destined to spark quite a bit of controversy.

As some of you might already be aware, Microsoft has been trying over the years to position its Surface Pro family as an affordable, versatile, and fully-featured alternative to a conventional laptop. While a number of the company's previous ads intended to convey that message largely tried to keep the comparisons against its top-tier competitors vague and nondescript, this latest video lacks any semblance of subtlety, specifically naming the MacBook Pro right off the bat.

That's certainly a bold choice, as most prospective Surface Pro 7 buyers might be inclined to consider the iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) this bad boy's direct rival as opposed to the newest MacBook Pro generation.

It goes without saying that Microsoft's advertising division sees the Surface Pro 7 as superior to Apple's 13-inch Pro notebook line, but some of the arguments in the video embedded above are not exactly indisputable.

For one thing, the reason the MacBook Pro lacks a detachable keyboard is because, well, it's an entirely different type of product. After all, the Surface Laptop is not detachable either, although to its credit, it does come with a touchscreen, supporting that particular argument against the MacBook Pro.

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Meanwhile, we're not completely sure if it's fair to label the Surface Pro 7 as a "much better gaming device", especially in its entry-level Intel Core i3 configuration. Then again, a significantly more powerful i5 variant with 8 gigs of RAM and a 128GB SSD is currently available for as little as $700, with a Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen also discounted at the time of this writing from their usual prices to just $90 and $64 respectively.

With all that in mind, as well as the $1,299 starting price of Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro, it's definitely hard to argue with the appeal of a Surface Pro 7 bundle, whether you think that's powerful and productive enough to replace a full-blown laptop or not.
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