Microsoft has the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on sale at an insane $400 discount

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Microsoft has the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on sale at an insane $400 discount
If you're having trouble deciding between the three members of Samsung's early 2020-released Galaxy S20 family and the two newer Note 20 variants as time slowly runs out on Amazon's amazing Prime Day 2020 deals, maybe you don't need to hurry at all and instead look elsewhere for an even heftier discount on a slightly older high-end smartphone.

We're talking about 2019's 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10, which is still inexplicably sold at an exorbitant price of $950 by its market-leading manufacturer stateside. But Microsoft (of all eBay vendors) is quietly holding a phenomenal sale, charging just $549.99 at the time of this writing for brand-new unlocked units in your choice of Aura White or Aura Glow hues.

These eye-catching devices are not only unused, unopened, and undamaged, but also backed by a full 1-year US warranty, which is not something you typically get from most eBay sellers. While Microsoft has surprised us with similar offers before, this is undoubtedly a new all-time low price for a 256GB storage version of the Note 10 compatible with all of the nation's major (and minor) mobile network operators.

This killer deal is so good that it undercuts the best price of a renewed Galaxy Note 10 over on Amazon while bringing the S Pen-wielding Snapdragon 855 powerhouse dangerously close to the MSRP of a significantly humbler Galaxy A51 5G model. Of course, the "compact" Note 10 variant doesn't support the fastest wireless networks in the US, but 5G speeds are not much higher than their 4G LTE precursors right now anyway.

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Meanwhile, you get everything from a generous 8 gigs of memory to a decently sized 3,500mAh battery with 25W fast charging capabilities, wireless and reverse wireless charging support, a fairly versatile and powerful 12 + 12 + 16MP rear-facing camera system, a beautiful Dynamic AMOLED display with a centered hole punch, and a premium metal-and-glass construction for your 550 bucks in addition to the aforementioned state-of-the-art SoC (from last year), hefty storage space, and built-in stylus.

All in all, it sounds pretty hard to say no to this thing at a colossal $400 discount, equating to no less than 42 percent shaved off the Note 10's list price, as long as you don't mind settling for a slightly slower processor, significantly smaller screen, and a humbler telephoto lens than what this year's "regular" Note 20 has going for it.

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