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We might know when LG plans to release its mystery G9 ThinQ replacement with 5G

In search for "wow factors" capable of turning things around for its long-struggling mobile division, LG is widely expected to scrap the G family of largely unsuccessful high-enders. That means we're unlikely to see a G9 ThinQ released in the coming months (or ever, for that matter), but for what it's worth, the company is reportedly working on a replacement of sorts with 5G support, respectable specifications, and a reasonable price point.

This as-yet-unnamed device could see daylight on May 15, according to a new Korean media report (translated) quoting inside sources from local mobile operators. The nation's top wireless service providers were apparently recently briefed on the design and features of the upcoming upper mid-range smartphone, looking mighty impressed with LG's "ambitious work."

While it remains unclear if the mysterious handset will take its design cues from the LG V60 ThinQ flagship, Dual Screen support is pretty much guaranteed and the same goes for the use of a Snapdragon 765G processor. As the name suggests, that's not quite as fast as Qualcomm's state-of-the-art Snapdragon 865 SoC powering the likes of the V60 ThinQ and Samsung's Galaxy S20 lineup, but rumor has it a number of companies are planning to employ this chipset in 2020 to save costs.

The Nokia 8.3 is one of the world's first so-called "5G value flagships" packing Snapdragon 765G heat, and Google could make the unprecedented decision of integrating a mid-range processor into its next flagship duo. As such, you shouldn't be too disappointed the G9 ThinQ replacement is expected to use this same chip, especially when considering all the other key specs and features rumored right now.

We're talking an extra-large 6.7 to 6.9-inch (main) display, a generous 4,000mAh or so battery, and a grand total of four cameras including a 48MP primary sensor, all of which could be available for the rough equivalent of $700 in Korea. 

It remains to be seen if LG plans to bring this thing to the US, which doesn't seem to be the case for the aforementioned Nokia 8.3 5G, for instance. If this new report is to be believed, we might find that out as early as May 15, so don't forget to save the date. It's not like you have places to be or many things to do anyway, right?
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