JBL's premium Tour PRO+ TWS are currently reduced to an impulse buy at Woot

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JBL's premium Tour PRO+ TWS are currently reduced to an impulse buy at Woot
What if we told you that you can snag top-tier earbuds for just $69.99, that will normally set you back $200, would you believe us? You'll probably think we're a bit delulu, since there's no way a pair of top-quality earbuds would cost only $69.99. And, you'd be right to take our word with a grain of salt, since top-quality earbuds usually come with a hefty price tag. However, a truly unbelievable deal at Woot is currently letting you score amazing earbuds for just $69.99.

The earphones in question are JBL's premium Tour PRO+, which are currently on sale at a crazy 65% discount, lowering the price of these awesome earphones to exactly $69.99. And for the record, these bad boys typically cost $199.95, so you'll be scoring $130 in savings if you take advantage of this deal. And no, we are not kidding! Feel free to tap the deal button below and see it with your own eyes.

JBL Tour PRO+: Save $130 at Woot!

Snag JBL's top-tier earbuds, the JBL Tour PRO+, for $130 off their price. The earbuds have great sound, good ANC, nice battery life and are a steal right now! So, be sure to act fast and snatch a pair today!
$69 99
$199 95
Buy at Woot

JBL Tour PRO+: Now $100 OFF on Amazon!

Alternatively, you can get your new JBL Tour PRO+ earbuds on Amazon, where this bad boys are enjoying a sweet $100 price cut.

As for whether you should go ahead and get a pair of JBL Tour PRO+, the choice is yours, of course, and we won't judge you if you pass up this deal. However, not taking advantage of this offer is a mistake. You rarely find good quality earbuds available for just $69.99.

Furthermore, as high-end earphones, the JBL Tour PRO+ offer awesome sound with punchy bass. And don't worry, you can easily adjust their audio to your preferences via the EQ in their companion JBL app in case you don't like how these fellas sound out of the box. Also, the earbuds support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In addition to their awesome sound, the JBL Tour PRO+ has great ANC, which can silence low-frequency sounds like those coming from your A/C. However, the ANC may struggle with quieting high-frequency noises like car honks.

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As for their battery life, the JBL Tour PRO+ should be able to last up to 6 hours on a single charge with their ANC enabled and up to 8 hours with it disabled. With their case, their listening time goes up to 32 hours. Moreover, their case supports wireless charging.

For $69.99, the JBL Tour PRO+ are just a steal. So, be sure to act fast and steal a pair at Woot today!

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