iPhone's weather widget gets frosty reception: your snow icon is now a file!

iPhone's weather widget gets frosty reception: your snow icon is now a file!
Heads up, iPhone users! Your Weather widget icon might be giving winter the cold shoulder. Instead of snowflakes, a random file icon is popping up on the lock screen widget for some users. Yep, the forecast calls for a flurry of... files?

Several folks online noticed that every time the forecast says to expect snow, the Apple Weather lock screen widget doesn’t display a snowflake icon. Instead, it showcases a rather unseasonal file icon. All other weather conditions? They appear to be doing just fine.

This peculiar glitch is found in both new and old iPhones. Some iPhone users have even tried a variety of troubleshooting methods–from removing the weather app and reinstalling it to updating iOS. Yet, the bug persists.

Having a bit of fun at Apple's expense, iPhone users on Twitter have been cracking jokes about Apple's unexpected approach to winter weather. Now, the snowballing question is: Is this a quick-fix server thing, or do we need a whole iOS update to see the snow?

Just a few days back, Apple sent out a watchOS update that ironed out a glitch in the weather app complication, which had been acting up ever since the watchOS 10 beta came out. But if you think that all the weather woes are over, think again. 

However, it's not just weather-related quirks that iPhone users have been grappling with. Many have sounded alarms about their iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max phones overheating – an issue that has thankfully been fixed with an update. And that's not all: several iPhone 15 users have lamented about their battery life not meeting expectations. You can take a look at our full list of iPhone 15 issues and solutions if you’re curious.

Apple's still keeping a cool front, with no word on this frosty file faux pas. But hey, if your Weather widget's gone all file-y on a snowy day, drop us a comment below. We feel you!

The images was sourced from the iPhone community, where Ajfavale expressed concerns about their widget not appearing on the iPhone

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