No, you were not imagining it: your iPhone was experiencing some weird bugs recently

No, you were not imagining it: your iPhone was experiencing some weird bugs recently
If you own an iPhone, there is a good chance you experienced some weird bugs during the last couple of days. At first, most of the issues appeared in the Weather app, which would completely stop working for hours at a time. Soon after, other reports related to more of the company's services like iMessage and iCloud also started to appear.

Some of us here at PhoneArena experienced these problems with Apple's services as well, although it was mostly with the Weather app and the widgets related to it not working. Apple did fix things at some point, and the weather information was back up again, but then it would take ages to load and show relevant information.

Many iPhone owners have gone on Twitter to report the bugs they have been experiencing during the past couple of days. Besides the Weather, iMessage, and iCloud, there are also those complaining about Shortcuts and the App Store itself giving them trouble by failing to respond or working unnaturally slowly.

Apple is yet to come out with an official statement as to why this is happening and what may have caused it, but it seems the tech giant is hard at work behind the scenes to fix things up as quickly as possible. If you go to the Apple Systems Status web page you will be able to track and see if any of them are or were down with a very short explanation of the issue and whether it has been resolved or is currently being worked on.

Knowing Apple, there is a good possibility no representative of the company will come out and explain this strange widespread occurrence. According to the System Status web page, however, all has been resolved and the services should be working now. We will follow up on this article if this develops further in any way.

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